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INSAT as platform for technology generation will continues to provide laboratory services and field experiment back up for prospecting graduate and post graduate students to enhanced educational outcomes. It is expected that greater increased in edu-tourists in view of the maturing leading edges projects. Two tour operators are doing due diligence to include “Our Mango Farm“ on the itinerary. We pledge to provide increased professional support to agric-food industries with link to sustainable developments goals as a new paradigm.


INSAT is highly committed on R&D with the industrial partners to enhance the technology blueprint to meet the business bottom lines, while providing opportunities for human capital developments. We had positioned to be the pathways from Lab- to-Market, by providing the R&D model that ensures co‑innovation of the processes to increase the value chain. We will focus on functional ingredients to enhance farm products. We will continue to provide professional support to agric-food industries with link to sustainable developments goals as new the paradigm.


The Control Environment Production System of high value Mango (Harumanis in Greenhouse) and High Value Fish (Jade Perch in RAS system) promise future with many opportunities. The blueprints for fish production would be refined for scale-up adoption. Greater convergences of technologies are expected in Agrotechnolgy as the infusion of diverged engineering become the new ways of simplifying complex problem. INSAT are positioning our approaches to be more holistic by expanding our perspectives of “Working thinkers, grooming thinking workers” to include the new mantra of sustainability “convergence of all” to ensure that technology improvement include the whole spectrum of life.


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