As a driving force for agriculture-based research and engineering technology in UniMAP, Institute of Sustainable Agrotechnology (INSAT) play a major role for the research visibility that contributes to the development of agriculture particularly in UniMAP, Perlis.

Starting the operation on 2009, LAB.INSAT is centralized at the main building of INSAT, located in Campus Alam UniMAP, Padang Besar Perlis. Surrounding with agriculture industries, the LAB.INSAT keeps moving forward with various of high-end instruments and trained staff to complement our laboratories as research are the fundamental aspects in Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

Our laboratory provides high-quality research and analyses with a wide range of research disciplines to promote, support and initiate research through preparation and processing of agriculture, environmental and engineering technology. The LAB.INSAT also provides a great place for practical students to gain their industrial experience. They will involve in various activities such as experimental set up, data measurement and analysis, and laboratory management to increases their competency level.

The LAB.INSAT provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Innovation in laboratory technology, which includes both new tests and advances in equipment and testing techniques, has made testing more efficient and bring technology to people, which in turn, benefits everyone.

Current trends in laboratory service in demand a credible accreditation service laboratories has initiated the LAB.INSAT to secure a national unified accreditation laboratory scheme known as Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM). Rebranding the laboratory images is a new approach to remain relevant and competitive in offering the laboratory services in future. In line with the global laboratory development, we continue to expand and grow by offering quality services and facilities to keep research efforts moving forward.



Plan, develop and monitor the laboratory management which includes procurement, application, documentation, procedures and guidelines.
Plan, develop and monitor laboratory occupational safety and health, safety & quality management system.


Plan, develop and monitor teaching / explanations involving the use of instruments for students and researchers in laboratories.
Plan, develop and monitor agricultural-based research.


Serving the agricultural technologyand research development since 2009, LAB.INSAT is one of the well-equipped agricultural labolatoriesin the northern region, where the facilities and instrumentsare the backbones for running tests, performing experiments or doing research all possible. Our laboratory has provided reliable services and results to the research and agricultural industry for over 10 years. Part of LAB.INSAT, our goal is to promote practical, innovative, and affordable solutions to existing and emerging argricultural issues particularly related to nutrients management and environmental quality.

At LAB.INSAT, we understand the importance of having high performance instruments that produces accurate results, which is why we offer an extensive selection of innovative, high-quality lab instruments that are essential within our laboratory. Thus, our reliable systems are simple, yet efficient solutions designed to handle all of your daily routine lab applications. Our laboratory instruments features a long-lasting design with rugged construction, easy operation with user-friendly controls, and innovative technology for outstanding versatility.


The LAB.INSAT nowis introducing our new rebranding research laboratory; Agrotechnology laboratoryfacilitates both teaching and research activities for agriculture and environmental fields. The Agrotechnologylaboratory has been developed to provide a laboratory infrastructure to support the diagnostic, regulatory, research and development functions necessary.

The lab offers comprehensive analyses of soil, water, plant, and precision agriculture services. We also provide basic analytical tools needed to perform the job more efficiently.The laboratory is also supported by the experimental farms and greenhouses around the institute. They are widely used by our students andresearchers, as well as external clients for all their testing needs, providing results and advice on time, in professional user friendly reports.


Analytical laboratory provides high-quality research training and elemental analyses for a wide range of disciplines including analytical chemical and agricultural testing. This laboratory has a fully equipped laboratory equioments to support its agriculture and chemical analysis facilities in order for samples to be analysed by high-end instrument.The laboratoryis outfitted with a spectrum of preparation instrumentation designed to support the unique sample analyses with number of requirements for sample pre-processing.

The laboratory analytical instrumentation is complemented by various portable instruments and equipments for the collection of field data. These include pH, DO and conductivity meters, instrument for water collection and sample preservation, and HPLC for the determination of compound in samples.Provide variety of supporting infrastructure to underpin its core services, our laboratory offers flexibility to the researchers as well as optimal equipment performance for a stable and reliable environment.


Preparation laboratory provideslab facillities and instrumentation for sample preparations that are potentially and conveniently serves all users. This laboratory supportsstage sample preparations for sample mixing, temperature control and separation to provide controlled conditions forhigh precisionscientific experiments, and measurement.

Range of preparation laboratory instrumentsthat would be considered general lab equipments are pipettes, scales, freezers, hot plates, coolers, stirrers and water baths. These tools are mainly used to prepare the materials and chemicals for experiments, measurements and data collection.


Microbiology laboratory is engaged in research and education in biotransformations and interactions of microorganisms. Moreover, it contributes to the exploitation of the generated knowledge in the application areas of Health & Food, Bioproducts & Energy and Environment & Sustainability.

Microbiology Laboratory is available for cell culture application and microbial sample processing and fully equipped for culturing microbes and performing in vitro experimental work.Creating an in-vivo environment by keeping cells at optimal temperature and humidity while inside an incubator are crucial elements for cell line growth.

We have the instrument that are designed to provide the ideal environment for any cell culture application including biochemical studies, bacteriology, hematological studies, research microbiological determination, and pharmaceutical stability. Specific design features are used to minimize contamination problems while making them more energy efficient and offering a safe environment in complying with the requirements of the safety law.


The mission of the Laboratory Instrumentation Service is to provide objective analytical services to researchers, agricultural producers, consumers, and agribusinesses. These services combined with unbiased interpretations and recommendations contribute to a competitive agriculture, a healthy environment and an improved quality of life.

As a unit of INSAT, the LAB.INSAT achieves its mission primarily through the support of researchers and other faculty members who are engaged in research and outreach activities. Our work is accomplished using state-of-the-art methodology and technology employed by a skilled staff dedicated to excellence.

Core Values:

Delivering value to our customers along with satisfaction.
Continuous improvement to achieve efficiency and accuracy.
Maintaining safety, internal controls and staff involvement to reinforce standard operating procedures.


A laboratory information management system (LIMS), sometimes is referred to as a laboratory information system (LIS) is a one stop center information management system with features that support a modern laboratory's operations. Key features include—but are not limited to—workflow and data tracking support, flexible architecture, and data exchange interfaces, which fully "support its use in regulated environments". The features and uses of a LIMS have evolved over the years from simple infomation to the resource planning tool that manages multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.



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