In 2020, the Institute of Sustainable Agrotechnology (INSAT) is in the process of being transformed as Centre of Technology (COT) under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic & International Affairs (TNCAA). This is in line with UniMAP 2025's plan to strengthen agricultural - based academic, research and entrepreneurial programs. In addition, contributions to the community through activities such as short courses and agricultural consultations are also intensified to be a landmark of UniMAP's excellence.


INSAT functions primarily as COT to provide agriculture-based programs by providing farm-based eco-systems services for teaching and learning purposes. It also provides practical workplaces related to agriculture, agricultural & environmental laboratory services, practical training, co-curricular activities and training programs for graduates. As well as organizing short courses, technology transfer and forges international relations on agriculture.


INSAT has focused on research to realize technology - based smart agriculture. Some of these activities are the collaboration of researchers with agriculture - based companies. It aims to create competitiveness and maintain sustainability in agriculture. INSAT’s research areas include open farm production systems, controlled environment systems, vertical and urban agriculture, organic pesticides, organic fertilizers, aquaculture and automation & robotics systems (4WRD industry areas include monitoring and control systems using sensors, microcontrollers, drives, robots, drones and cloud - based systems).


INSAT also works with government agencies to provide services to the community and consultancy activities involving agricultural projects especially those involving the use of smart technology.


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