Social Innovation for Poverty Eradication (Aquapreneurs)

UniMAP identified an innovation, called an Affordable Recirculating Aquaculture System (ARAS) and named as RAS BM600, which would overcome students’ lack of income through a social entrepreneurship (SE) model. This Social Innovation for Poverty Eradication (SIPER @ Aquapreneurs) project have been designed in order to ease financial problem that being faced by participants that come from family under B40 group. It was executed to overcome the problem and help them to generate some income and be an aquapreneurs. Beside that they will be future job creator and being a mentor to others. It also will increase university graduate employability. They will be trained with UniMAP’s RAS BM600 aquaculture technology and will undergo training with the system, farming the Jade Perch and market it. SIPER is scalable and viable to be implemented among students at UniMAP, community, and economic deprived community

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